Infrassure, Ltd. v. First Mutual Transportation Assurance Co.

Parties to a facultative reinsurance certificate differ as to which of two arbitration provisions govern the resolution of a dispute that has arisen between them. First Mutual, the ceding company, sought to compel its reinsurer, Infrassure, to submit to arbitration governed by an endorsement. Infrassure filed suit seeking a declaratory judgment that the arbitration provision contained in the body of the form is controlling. First Mutual counterclaimed. The district court held that the form’s procedures governed, granted declaratory relief in favor of Infrassure, dismissed First Mutual’s counterclaims, and denied the request to compel arbitration. The court concluded that the contract is unambiguous and the arbitration clause in the body of the certificate controls. The court explained that its reading of the facultative certificate is easily confirmed by consulting other provisions. Accordingly, the court affirmed the judgment. View "Infrassure, Ltd. v. First Mutual Transportation Assurance Co." on Justia Law